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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Join a Writers' Goup

Picture Credit: http://www.writingforward.
Few things are as helpful as joining a writers' group. I belong to the League of Utah Writers, which I joined in 2009. Since I joined the group, I've been to some amazing conferences where I've learned techniques to better my writing. All the techniques I currently use for every step of the writing process are things I've learned from the classes.

I've also been privileged to meet some incredible people. I've met and talked with other authors and have been able to learn from their experiences. I took classes from the editor Clint Johnson (no relation of mine) and came to realize how much he could help me. I had him edit my book and have gained immensely from his help. My book wouldn't be what it is today without his guidance. I've met agents and people representing publishing houses so I could better understand the options I'm interested in for getting my work published.

Oh yeah, and there's the fact that it's all been a TON of FUN!

I started writing back in 2000, but in the 9 years I tried off and on to write I didn't learn a fraction of what I've gained in the last 3 years since I started participating with the League of Utah Writers.

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