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Monday, October 21, 2013

Media Marketing Steps 3-4, Get to Know the Press

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Two weeks ago I posted Media Marketing Steps 1-2. This posting is a continuation with the next 2 steps.

If you are just getting started with your marketing, please be sure to start at the beginning. You don't want to jump into step #3 without first looking at #1-2.

Before I go further, I need to say again that much of what I'm discussing here comes from Shanna Beaman, author of The Woman's Guide to Living Your Dreams and On Ramp to Your Future. Again, I have to say how fantastic she is as a public speaker. If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak--or you are planning a conference and looking for a speaker--she is well-worth your time. 

Step 3- Submit Story Ideas

Okay, so you are probably about to ask me what the difference is between this and step 2 that we covered last time. The difference is that in step 2 you were looking for people who were asking for stories that you can comfortably call yourself an expert on. 

Now that you have gained experience interviewing, confidence, and a resume of interviews, it's time to start actively promoting yourself to larger media outlets. Before you call anybody, though, you first have to have your pitch--and do NOT say that you want to market your book. That is a benefit for you, but they will not want to let you do an advertisement on their air time.

Creating your pitch:
  • Build a marketable story around your book or around yourself, the author
  • What is your story?
  • What makes your story newsworthy?
  • Create the pitch
    • Pitch Formula A: "What every _____ should know about _______."
      • Example: "What every parent should know about the dangers their kids face at schools today."
      • Example: "What every gambler should know about the odds or winning at various casino games."
    • Pitch Formula B: "_____ things you should know before you _____."
      • Example: "5 things to look for when buying a book."
      • Example: "things you must do before you move."
      • Example: "Having a hard time getting your child to read? 5 tips to get your kids to buy into reading!"
Don't feel like you have to use the exact formula above, but you get the general idea. You want to have a pitch that you can approach media with that will show them that their viewers will want to see/listen to a segment with you in it.

Now that you have a pitch, decide who to market it to. Basically, if you have a good story about hunting then you should look at programs that are geared to hunting. Generally you won't find that you fit into as tight of a genre as that, but figure out who would appreciate your book and what media they use. This requires research. Know what television programs, radio shows, and newspapers are in your area--and who pays attention to them.

Waiting until you have gained experience with the small news in Step 2 really will help with this. If you start pitching too early and you don't know what you're doing, you may burn bridges if you embarrass yourself. By paying attention to the small ones first, you can avoid this problem.

Step 4- Press Release

When you have any events going on, such as book signings, make sure you get word out. It doesn't make sense to spend hours at a book signing when no one knows you are sitting there. Look up city and community websites and get on their calendars.

Continuation of This Posting Series

That's all for tonight, but next week I'll finish this series up with the final 2 steps, which can be viewed here. Thanks for joining me!


  1. Book signings sound a little terrifying to me. I'd get stage fright! People would be like "Ahh, loved your book! Sign it!" And I'd be like "O-o-okay." with shaking hands. :) Good advice on the press releases.

    1. Oh, I think you should do book signings! Your book is great and that would really get it out there. The funny thing is I think we have different fears over the book signings. I would get nervous about no one coming to buy my book--not about people wanting to talk to me. I guess it just goes to show that we're all different. :)