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Friday, September 21, 2012

Outlining My Way Through, Steps 1-4

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In the introduction to this series of blogs, I talked about why I am big on outlining now. See it here.  In this blog I'm going to talk specifically about Dan Wells' 7-Point Story Structure, which can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcmiqQ9NpPE

Here it is:
  1. Hook
  2. Plot Turn 1
  3. Pinch 1
  4. Midpoint
  5. Pinch 2
  6. Plot Turn 2
  7. Resolution
This is the order that it appears in stories, not the order that you go in when planning/evaluating the plot. As I go through the steps, I'll use examples from Harry Potter Book 1 because most people are familiar with it.

Step 1- Resolution

Begin building your story by determining the ending. The resolution is the main point of the story. It may be based on plot (which ends with an "explosion") or character (which ends with a change to the character). Powerful stories have both plot and character resolutions, but right now we are focusing only on the main plot. Subplots will come later, so pick the one that you most want to emphasize. For the rest of the examples below I am going with Harry Potter's plot resolution, but as fun practice, you can put together what the outline would be for the character resolution line.
  • Plot resolution example- Harry defeats Voldemort.
  • Character resolution example- Harry learns he is strong enough to fight alone.

Step 2- Hook

This should be the opposite state of the resolution because the story is how the resolution came about.
  • Harry has a sad and boring life.

Step 3- Midpoint

This is where the hero begins moving from reaction to action. This point is where they commit to the task needed to bring about the resolution.
  • Harry and his friends learn the truth about the sorcerer's stone.

Step 4- Plot Turn 1

 This is where the story gets started. It is the first movement the hero makes toward the midpoint.
  • Harry travels to Hogwarts.

That's enough for tonight. In my next blog I'll take you through the next steps.
See it here

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